Malibu | Santa Monica | Los Angeles

Discover Malibu, Santa Monica & Los Angeles While At Tuscali!


Malibu; the subject of countless
songs and films is a short 6 mile
drive away. Experience the breathtaking
beauty and dramatic landscape of
Topanga Canyon as you approach
Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu,
California. The 27 mile scenic drive
north along the Pacific Coast
through Malibu will be a truly
memorable journey.

Santa Monica

The Tuscali Mountain Inn is a 15
minute drive from Santa Monica.
Golden beaches and a sultry
Pacific Ocean coastline, urban
walkways and sandy terrain,
gourmet cuisine, and first rate
couture and upscale boutiques,
it’s the quintessential urban
beach community.

Los Angeles

If exploring one of the world’s
great cities is your desire, Los
Angeles is right around the corner.
Enjoy amusement parks, shopping
(including Rodeo Drive), Hollywood,
film studios, free TV and Show
Tickets, fine dining, sightseeing,
Museums, and so much more.